About myself:


I was born in Cresco, Iowa and grew up in a old stone house on an acreage outside of town with my parents, younger sister, and various assorted critters. I went to a Baptist school, a "home school," and then I went to a public high school. I attended Iowa State University straight out of high school, took a year-and-a-half off to learn Russian in the Army, and then came back to finish up my degrees in Philosophy, Russian, and Natural Science. I also studied art for a year before I was accepted into medical school at the University of Iowa, where I completed my M.D. degree in May 2001. I was a member of the Iowa Army National Guard for 13 years, starting as a Russian linguist in 1991 and ending up as a medical officer in HSC 109th Med Bn, resigning my commission in September 2004 after being deployed to Iraq in 2003. I finished my residency training in Family Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Mason City, Iowa in January 2005.
My parents still live in Cresco. My father has retired from teaching high school science, and now concentrates on the 4.5 acre garden and managing 30 years worth of antiques. My mother is the church secretary and librarian and works in the church nursery, when she isn't traveling to Des Moines to enjoy being a grandmother.
My sister lives in Des Moines with her husband and children. Sheri is trained in elementary education, but she's concentrating on her own children right now. Jason is a quality engineer, and Star Wars collector. Madelyn and Joshua are their delightful children and are growing rapidly.

Graduating from ISU

Former Likes (from a distant time when I could indulge in such things):

  • Science, especially the biological sciences.
  • Playing D&D
  • Reading, especially science fiction and classic British detective novels.
  • Architecture, home repair and interior decorating
  • Art - drawing, painting, and clay.
  • Athletics - I enjoy watching almost any sport except baseball. I also like to play volleyball, soccer, racquetball and football.
  • Music - I can tolerate any kind, but Country does start to get on my nerves. Depending on my mood I'll listen to classical music, heavy metal, soft rock or classic rock.
  • Weather - wind, snow, rain, thunderstorms, fog, you name it.
  • Movies and television: educational programs, M*A*S*H, etc.
  • Having serious, intelligent discussions.
  • Exploring nature - i.e. wandering around in the woods and finding interesting things.
  • Flying and other forms of travel
  • Playing pool

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